Consultation programs on Marketing


Program of consultations on marketing  

The Uzbekistan-Japan Center invites you to participate in the program of corporate consultations on marketing. 

Advisor: Shinobu Fujita 

Translator: Malika Ibragimova 

Fee: 800 000 UZS per 1 consultation session. 

Session duration: 2 hours 

Consultation period: 15-31 January 2018 (exact dates and times are negotiated at the time of the contract) 

Total duration: The number of visits depends on the particularity of work with the client (duration: from 3 to 6 months with different number of visits) 

Language of instruction: Russian 

More than 20 companies in Uzbekistan have already taken consultations from an expert in 2016-2017. 

The program will help You to develop and implement a marketing strategy, apply effective marketing tools using international experience. 

Registration form is available at:


Information about the advisor: 

Mr. Shinobu Fujita 

Mr. Fujita took a Bachelor degree of Business Administration from the University of Meiji, Japan (major in Accounting and Management), a Bachelor degree of Business Administration from Kobe University, Japan (major in Marketing), and a Master degree of Business Administration from the University of Sanno (Marketing ).  For more than 27 years he worked for the Japanese cosmetics company "SHISEIDO Co.Ltd." in various positions, starting from a sales specialist. He headed the direction of cosmetic products for more than 6 years. 

Briefly about the company SHISEIDO Co.Ltd. Founded in 1872, is the world's oldest cosmetic company, the fourth in the world in terms of sales, with an overturn of over 7 billion USD. Includes brands such as: Shiseido, bareMinerals, BEAUTE, Elixir and many others. 

In 2000, Mr. Fujita Shinobu founded consulting company Strategic Consulting Firm Co.Ltd., Japan, where he works as President. He is also the vice-president of the Daliah Health Management Association. 

Since 2007, he teaches the subject "Marketing" within the framework of the Professional Management Program (PMP), as well as "Advanced Marketing", "International Marketing", "Blue Ocean Strategy" and "Branding" in the framework of specialized courses with great success. 

A message from Mr. Fujita: 

Marketing is very logical. It is a tool for promoting and delivering a product to customers systematically and causing positive emotions. There are three "whales" in marketing that lead to success and sales growth: 

Satisfaction of consumers. The company provides convenient and useful products / services to meet the needs of customers. 

Staying competitive. Sustained activity on the market is a key precondition for competitiveness. 

System construction. The company must build a complete, logical and consistent system of its internal processes to work with both buyers and suppliers. 

Your company, regardless of size, products should have a logical and systematic marketing strategy. However, the environment is changing quite rapidly. Many external factors such as changing of the behavior of customers, the emergence of new competitors, technological innovations, arise and disappear, nevertheless there are opportunities both inside the country and outside it. And all this is a challenge for marketing. Marketing exists to adapt the company to the market. I have vast experience in advising companies internationally. I can give you knowledge about marketing intelligibly from position of the client, the company, the competitors using the techniques of strategic analysis. In addition, I will show practical techniques for making successful decisions. Thus, your company will be able to master with ease the Japanese method of logical and practical marketing through our consultation, advice, training.