Specialized courses

Specialized courses are intended for professionals with profound expertise seeking to extend their knowledge and skills of a specific business discipline.

Specialized courses are narrow-profile, high quality, short-term, intensive courses aimed to learn insights of specific business discipline and how to approach and solve actual business issues of any company operating in local market. 

Courses are delivered by international experts and local consultants with rich experience in a given field of business. 

Two types of courses are offered to advance participants' qualification: soft-skill courses like Business communication skills, Interaction skills with customers, Skills for successful negotiation, Leadership and Conflict resolution skills. And core-skills courses focused to enhance professional and management potential: International Marketing, Branding, Corporate Sales, Budget Planning, Investment project evaluation, Profitability Analysis, Project Management, Inventory Management, Logistics, Strategic Management and Human Resource Management.  

Target audience: senior management, middle managers, professionals and specialists, as well as private entrepreneurs interested in improving personal skills.