Demonstration of anime: "The wind grows stronger"

 The plot works lay the same name manga authorship of Miyazaki, published in the magazine Model Graphix in 2009 and tells about the Japanese constructor Jiro Horikoshi, known for his work on fighters Mitsubishi A5M and Mitsubishi A6M Zero.In addition, the source of the story is the story writer Tatsuo Hori "The wind grows stronger", written in 1936-1937, respectively. Title of the story is a quote from a poem by Paul Valery "Graveyard by the Sea", "wind grows stronger! .. So - try to live!" 








Date: 16 January
Time: 15:00-17:00
Place: Uzbek-Japan Center
Number of participants: 60  
Conditions of participation: to pre-registration necessary, late more than 15 minutes are not allowed.          
Contact person: Nuriza , Gulbakhor
Telephone: (998-71) 120-73-94 / 95