Anniversary! Uzbekistan-Japan Center - 15 years!

Anniversary! Uzbekistan-Japan Center - 15 years!




Anniversary events dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Uzbekistan - Japan Center were held with great success 17th  of September in the Turkistan Palace. It lasted for 5 hours and was divided into two large sections:


• Events in the lobby of the Palace of Turkistan


• The two-hour concert program


More than 600 people had a chance to participate in a variety of events for all tastes, ages and interests. Among them there were Business games, Ikebana, Japanese traditional games like breaking watermelon, and many others.


Guests were able to participate in different contests, try Japanese sweets, and there were surprises from the festival volunteers. It was truly a family event where everyone could feel himself as the part of the festival.


Anniversary event was widely supported by the UJC business courses graduate’s companies.


The Concert program, began with a promotion video of the UJC life for 15 years.


Opening speech was announced by Co-director of UJC, - Hirohiko Takata, and the newly appointed Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Uzbekistan - Nobuaki Ito.


From the first performance – “Yosakoi dance” by the dance group of UJC breathed into the room a wonderful atmosphere of Japanese holidays. And further act after act, guests applauded louder and louder.


All performances were prepared by alumni, students, volunteers and staff of the Uzbekistan-Japan Center.


Participants of the concert performed at a very high level the well-known songs of popular Japanese, national and foreign singers, classics of Dutar, violin and piano, circus performances and cheerful dances of Bukhara.


Great chorus of JICA volunteers, which performed for the first time on such a big stage did not leave anyone indifferent with the song "Dream" and "100% Yuki". Also the first PMP chorus - Omoiyari, which performed 5 compositions, in particular – “Hymn of PMP” – which was the perfect end of a wonderful evening.


At the end of the concert the guests could evidence surprises from staff of the Uzbekistan  collective photo shooting, and pleasant meetings with the participants of the concert, and each other.


As the guests noted – 15th Anniversary of the Uzbekistan-Japan Center was held in a warm,  family atmosphere that will be remembered for the long time.