We invite you to the "Evening of a Japanese fairy tale"

   A kind Japanese fairy tale - "Kasajidzou / Straw hats for Jizo" about the old man with the old woman, who lived very poorly and could not even buy themselves Mochi pancakes (traditional New Year's treat) for the New Year. And so they decided to weave hats from rice straw and sell them in the city.

   Do you want to know, what happened next and how the old man with the old woman met the New year then come to us on a fairy tale.

   A fairy tale in Japanese with translation into Russian.


   24 January (We)




   Uzbekistan-Japan Center

Number of participants:

   15 (for children from 7 years old)

Condition of participation:

   payment is not required, pre-registration is necessary.

Contact person:

   Guzalya, Sabina

Telephone:    (998-71) 120-73-94 / 95