Internet corner

Internet corner

  You are offered to use the internet corner service of the Center. There are 5 computers in this corner.



Using internet corner

  Internet access in the Center is a charged service. Please contact for inquiries with responsible officer of the Center.
  The Centre is not liable for any loss or damage of data, resulting in slow or incomplete downloaded information, communication interruption, and due to the impact of computer viruses or other technical problems.
  The following actions are prohibited

 Do not:

  • Change the system settings of PCs

  • Attempt to resolve issues, arising during the use of a photocopier or printer.

  • Add and/or remove any software;

  • Connect external hard drives of any type;

  • Open or try to disassemble the computer equipment;

  • Use computer equipment for commercial or advertising purposes;

  • Access discriminatory, pornographic, obscene, malicious or unethical information;

  • Use the Internet for purposes that violate the intellectual property rights of individuals or organizations;

  • Use the Internet to disseminate information that may be regarded as an invasion of privacy, as well as defamatory, abusive, creating inconvenience or anxiety, and similar to that;

  • Open attachments in e-mail, which are doubtful or seem suspicious because of the risk of computer viruses.